Original brands of Avarcas in menorca

Sandals in Menorca: What is the best brand?

Who does not want to be fashionable? Following trends and style changes can be as wonderful as it is fun. But what do we do with those timeless designs, which always go with everything? Avarcas are a type of footwear that is never out of date, and today we are going to discover the best Avarcas brands in Menorca.

Avarcas, with everything and for everyone

Typical outfits are part of the identity of any region, and in Menorca it is no different. Of course, the Avarcas are tradition, since they have been present in this part of the Mediterranean since the distant 13th century.

A good Menorcan sandal fulfills two fundamental functions, being comfortable and resistant. These characteristics, which at first glance seem so simple, are what differentiate them from other footwear, even the most modern ones.

In addition, espadrilles can be combined with any type of clothing, and used almost all year round. Clearly, the great moment of these shoes occurs during the summer, when we want to wear cooler and more versatile clothes.

If you also want to enjoy the advantages of Menorcan sandals, stay with us, and take a walk discovering the best sandals in Menorca.


From sandals in Menorca to sandals around the world

Today, many things that were previously considered typical of a region have gone global. Avarcas fall into this list, as they are made in a huge number of countries.

Of course, for something to be truly authentic, it has to come from its place of origin. Come on, the wine can only be from Montilla, the Champagne from Champagnat and the Menorcan women from Menorca.

So if you are one of those who like to buy online and dare to try new designs, we invite you to visit the Avarcas Menorquinas website, the ideal alternative to buy sandals in Menorca.

What makes Avarcas Menorquinas a unique option? It is not surprising that you ask yourself these questions, we all know that if there is something that is abundant on the island, it is the shops to buy nice souvenirs.

That is exactly the line that makes the difference between Avarcar Menorquinas and other footwear stores. Here, these traditional sandals are still part of a magnificent handicraft.

There are options with glitter, colors, a single tone and an endless number of other varieties, so that you can choose the espadrilles that you will fall in love with and not just those that best suited your budget.


What should I do to buy in Avarcas Menorquinas?

To explore all that Avarcas Menorquinas has for you, the first thing you have to do is enter their website. Select the section you want to visit, and explore the catalog.

Here you will also find options for the whole family, since we have more than 40 different models, which will match your tastes and will always make you look as chic as it is fashionable. In addition, we all want to create new trends, so take the risk and take that last step to add a touch of the Mediterranean summer to your day to day.

Likewise, Avarcas Menorquinas makes shipments to different parts of Europe, because for fashion, borders are only an imaginary limit. As for the payment, this can be done on the same page, or in one of the other means that we have available for your convenience.

One more thing! To have the best espadrilles in Menorca at your fingertips, you have to register on our website, but don't worry, this is a super quick step and in a blink you will already be enjoying your Menorcan sandals.

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