The Dictionary of Menorcan Avarca

Albarcas or avarcas are a type of traditional shoe that is made with rawhide. This kind of footwear is secured with a strap around the ankle, to avoid your foot slipping out of the shoe. This footwear is rustic and was used for a long time by farmers and people who worked on the land. It was created so that people could work the land in the best way possible, without causing any damage to the feet and without having to spend too much money.

The most well-known avarcas are the minorcans, which are used commonly on the island of Menorca, which is part of the Balearic islands. This is a rural area where the terrain is stony, so workers need resistant and flexible footwear to withstand the challenging terrain. The development of these shoes meant that the field workers did not only not feel any pain in their feet, they also had shoes that were long-lasting and cheap. This traditional footwear design is now a popular fashion piece.

Menorca was a rural space for a long time, where its population was dedicated to fishing and harvesting natural resources. The island used to be remote and undeveloped until it was converted into an important touristic place, that now attracts the attention of millions of travellers from around the world. Thanks to this new discovery made by the tourists, the culture of the island was discovered, along with the preferred footwear that was worn by the locals. This served as the inspiration behind a big fashion trend. 

Menorcan avarcas is one of the brands that better reflects the traditional style of the abarcas of the Balearic Islands. The brand is the reference point for those people who want to have a casual and comfortable style to go to the beach and travel around this summer. The company stands out for its original designs and style that has been adapted to suit every foot, styles can be found by clicking here

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