Women's menorquinas


Do you already know which one is for you? This collection is made for everybody that wants to go fashion without refusing the true comfort. We offer you a wide collection you can combine with anything, keeping elegance and comfort. Vivid tones, something more traditional like beige or black, some geometric textures or these with flowers, glitter... Combine it at your taste! This is the most comfortable, finest quality footwear made by the best of menorcan artisan. Make your Summer more Mediterranean! It won't be the same without your Avarcas Menorquinas, an essential complement to be fashion this Summer. A perfect supplement for everybody that can be worn in any occasion. Our product is famous for its comfort and all the possibilities it offers. Go to work with some sport look wearing basic Avarcas Menorquinas, combine them with bath suits or just go around with your bike, a pure minorcan style. Choose a footwear with wedge or glitter for your formal dinner or any other special occasion. Your 'minorcan' will grant an elegance and personality to any look you will choose as well as giving some Mediterranean touch.